Tier Price Helper

A real sales booster for Magento!
Show how much your customers can save by adding more items to the shopping cart!

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Add to Cart > TIER PRICE message > Click!

Configurable on each

Set default settings which applies to all products. However each product is configurable separately as well. Change strategy, icon, message for each.

Custom message

There is a list of message you can show. If you have a better idea, write your own message.

Custom icon

There is a list of icons with a styled box. Upload your icon and style message box for your purpose.


Compatible with Magento Version: 1.3.* – 1.8.*

Choose a strategy.

You can choose strategy for suggesting customer a product tier price.
Min quantity – The suggestion for customer will be showed when quantity to reach tier price will be equal or less than ‘Min Value’ is set.
Min % of discount – The suggestion for customer will be showed only when the discount is bigger than ‘Min Value’ is set.

Show your message to customer.

Choose a message from a list. You know how better to convince a customer? Write your custom message!

Configurable Layout!

You can use a different icon and a different background color according to your store theme.



  • The suggestion message with a tier price is showed in the shopping cart.
  • Customer by clicking on a message adds required amount to get a tier price.
  • Choose strategy for showing product tier price.
  • Choose a message to show to a customer or write your own.
  • Decide how to show blocks on a cart. By the maximum amount that customer can save? Or just randomly?
  • Use icon from the list or upload your own. Style message block as you want.
  • Apply configuration to all products by default or configure each separately.

Which license version should I buy?

  • 1 Domain Name License
    For us one domain name license means you can use the license for one domain name including all 3th level sub-domain name. The source is partial encrypted with IonCube
  • Unlimited License
    The source is still partial encrypted with IonCube – but you can install in unlimited servers and unlimited domains
  • Source License
    You will able to see the source code but you will not able able to use for any commercial derivate extension
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