Make life easier for your registered customers and increase your online sales!


Autologin enables a smooth login method for your registered customers by means of using a token in any of your Magento store links. – Secure and Reliable

Magento Autologin by

Compatible with Magento Version: 1.3.* – 1.8.*


Autologin can be easily integrated into any email template in Magento.

Tested with: Aheadworks- FollowUp, ArtsOnIt – Enahched Mail, Aschrode – SMTP Pro, …

Simple way to export customer data from Magento into an email campaign software, such as Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor.

we support the official extension from Cleverreach – with automatic syncronization

The Autologin link will always be secured by the SSL layer in your store.

Customer Support

Autologin can be used to smoothly assist your staff in helpdesk operation.

You can login as customer to follow their questions via the backend of your store.

Landing page

The landing page can be any valid active page in the store

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is Autologin Secure?
    Yes, it’s. Autologin do not introduce additional security risk. Magento required only email address to recover the account password so if someone can read the mailbox he will get anyway the access to the magento account.It’s important to advise customer to not share mail.
  2. Can you login integrate with a External Smtp Extension?
    Yes, it does out of box.
  3. How to import the Autologin?
    From Backoffice, click Customer/Autologin and export customer list in xml or cvs.
  4. The locale for my country and language is not listed in the supported locales for Autologin. What should I do?
    If you locale is currently not listed in the supported locales, you can follow the instructions provided in the Autologin PDF guide to create your own locale translation for Autologin.

The Smooth Customer Experience

Video Guides:

User Guide PDF Export Customer List

Select an integration video to watch:

  • 1 Domain Name License
    You can use the license for one domain name only (including all 3rd level sub-domain name).
    The source is partially encrypted with IonCube
  • Unlimited Websites License
    The source is still partially encrypted with IonCube – but you can use it for
    unlimited domain names and websites.
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